Water Features Vancouver


Water features Vancouver

People in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are discovering the enjoyment that can come from creating a water feature. Water features provide the homeowner a unique and creative way to decorate their outdoor living space. It is amazing the peacefulness that the sound of gentle flowing water can bring to any environment. You don’t need a large area for a water feature, they are often less maintenance than a pond, with a lower initial cost. The range of options are limitless when it comes to a water features. They can be a soft flowing creek that travels through your yard and then disappears, a trio of stone pillars that cascade water over their sides to the hidden basin below or a simple tipped urn that spills over into the rocks. They can be constructed on a deck or patio or sunken into the ground. We have all the equipment you will need at Western Water Farms & Gardens, let our helpful staff assist you in making the right choices for your water feature. Interested in learning more, there are a couple of great videos on You Tube to check out- (How to create a bubbler water feature) by the Gateway Gardener or (Installing a disappearing fountain) by the fountainguru.

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