Pond Filters in the Vancouver

Shopping for a pond filter in the Vancouver area? Western Water Farms & Gardens carry multiple brands of pressurized filters from today’s market. The Laguna Pressure Flo and the Aquascape UltraKlean systems are both user friendly and easy to use. NOTE, when you add fish to your pond, the volume a pressurized filter can keep clean decreases. The Oase BioSmart or Biotec is the filter to use if you are serious about fish. A good biological filter system is imperative to create a healthy environment for your pond.

The UltraKlean biological pressure filters by Aquascape have a high output ultraviolet clarifier/sterilizer and an integrated bulb saving option, providing pond owners with optimum water. The unique sponge free design minimizes maintenance and maximizes efficient mechanical filtration. The simple to use cleaning feature allows the unit to be backwashed in less than 5 minutes without opening the canister.

We carry both the UltraKlean 2000 and 3500 gallon models.

The Laguna Pressure Flo filters are a high performance pressurized pond filter with UVC sterilizer. These filters feature a revolutionary easy clean backwash system that completely cleans the entire surface of the foam filters without opening the canister. With the filter connected to the pump, water enters the unit through a water inlet. It then passes through the mechanical filtration stage of durable foam filters that catch the waste and debris. The clean water then passes along and is exposed to the ultraviolet rays that inhibit the growth of algae. The cleansed water is then returned to the pond.

We carry Pressure Flo models that are appropriate for ponds from 700 to 3200 gallons.

Call or come see us today to get your pond filter for your pond.

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