Laguna Fish Food Vancouver

Western Water Farms & Gardens carries Laguna fish food, supplying customers in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Gold fish and Koi are the most common pond fish for home water gardeners. Their nutrition and water quality is important and Laguna fish foods provide the vital nutrients your fish need throughout the season.

Feed your fish daily when the water temperature is over 10*C/60*F. Only feed what the fish will consume in 2 minutes. If all food is consumed in 2 minutes more can be given, you will learn an adequate amount for your fish in the first several feedings. You should not over feed pond fish, over feeding leads to increased waste and the possibility of a parasite rich environment.

During the spring and fall when the water temperature is below 15*C/60*F, a diet of wheat germ based food is suggested until water temperatures increase in mid spring. An all season food is suggested for late spring and summer when water temperature is above 15*C/60*F, until water temperatures dip again in the fall months.

Laguna Goldfish and Koi foods come in medium and large pellets and are packaged in 500gm to 5Kg bags.

Call or come see us today to get your Laguna fish food.

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