Aquascape Premium Fish Food Floating Pellets

Western Water Farms and Gardens now carries Premium Fish Food floating pellets by Aquascape.

Fish, like all creatures, need food to survive. All Aquascape fish food pellets contain probiotics that aid in digestion, optimize growth rates and reduce fish waste. This premium fish food has been scientifically formulated specifically to promote fish health at an affordable price.

The list of quality ingredients include, multivitamins, stabilized vitamin c and high quality protein, providing excellent nutrition with a product that will not break apart and pollute pond water when you have over fed your fish. (We know some of you do that). For those of you over feeders out there, if there are pellets still floating 5 minutes after feeding, skim them out of the pond and feed a little less next time? Over feeding can lead to many problems for your fish health.

Premium fish food comes in Staple & Cold water fish pellets. There are two sizes of pellets to choose from: Medium pellets are ideal for fish 4” to 8” (10cm to 20cm) and the large pellets are ideal for fish 8” (20cm) and over.

Premium fish food floating pellets by Aquascape also come in a mixed pellet bag, with small, medium & large pellets together in one bag, ideal for fish of all sizes.

If you’re in the Langley area and need premium fish feed, give us a call or stop on by today!

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